You’re a national in a country where Medair has a field programme, and you want to work with Medair?

We have many work opportunities for nationals living near our programme offices.

Medair’s Nationally Recruited Staff (NRS) are nationals employed in countries where we have a field programme.

Hardan, Warehouse Pharmacist, Medair national staff in Iraq

Before becoming displaced myself, I worked four years in a private pharmacy in Mosul. I had never heard of Medair before, but when we fled, I had to look for a job and I looked at NGO jobs. Previously I was working in logistics part-time for Medair. When I got the (pharmacy) certificate, there was a pharmacy position open with Medair at the warehouse, so now I’m a warehouse pharmacist. I check the stocks in and out, set up medical supply chains, receive medicine donations,and organise them in the warehouse to make sure the team has the medications they need. I follow the protocols, making sure the temperature, humidity,and light are all correct. I am proud to work for an organisation like Medair,who helps people and brings them peace.

Profiles sought for Nationally Recruited Staff (NRS) roles in the field

Relief experience

  • Professionals with or without 12 months relevant relief or development experience


  • Experienced professionals in a relevant Medair sector of expertise
  • Intercultural work experience


  • Fully respecting the Medair values; to respect the values and vision with team members, international staff, beneficiaries, and external contacts


  • Strong working knowledge of English (spoken and written)
  • Working knowledge of French (spoken and written) for French-speaking field programmes

Personal qualities

  • Able to work in a multicultural team under difficult conditions
  • Strong character traits, including emotional stability, adaptability, ability to handle stress, cultural and gender sensitivity, honesty, and physically fit
RS108445_SDS143 - WENDY VAN AMERONGEN - MECH - 14 - Portrait picture at clinic in Wonthow IMG_5592.jpg-scr
Our NRS are crucial to our operations. They are fundamental to the success of our work, and reflect the religious, cultural, and political groups present within the country.

You have a matching profile?

You can apply to work with Medair in one of two ways: Personal contact (through our country programmes listed below)

  • Contact your local labour office.
  • Contact your local Medair office.

Vacancies online

  • Medair advertises our in-country Nationally Recruited Staff vacancies on the national websites here (link shown where available):


DR.Congo – ONEM (Office National de l’Emploi)








South Sudan