2 ways to apply for the field, 1 selection course

Apply as an Experienced Relief Worker

Apply for an international field vacancy

Candidates applying for an international field staff vacancy who are shortlisted for a potential role will be required to participate in the Medair ROC, as part of the  final selection stages of the application process.

Apply for a Medair ROC

If you are an Experienced Relief Worker, you should apply for the Medair ROC if you cannot see a current vacancy that matches your profile, but you believe your profile matches roles that may well be needed by Medair in the future.

Apply to become a New Relief Worker

Apply for a Medair ROC

Occasionally, field vacancies can be filled by candidates without humanitarian experience. Our HR team is always looking for capable and enthusiastic new talent that can grow into a “new” humanitarian relief worker by joining Medair and learning on the job. Applying directly for the Medair ROC provides a rare entry path for New Relief Workers (less than 12 months humanitarian / development experience) to access field roles.

How HR reviews applicants for the ROC

For any candidates applying for a Medair ROC, our HR team will see if your profile could be a good match for our upcoming field vacancy needs. If we see potential, we will consider you for a current or future ROC.

As you apply for a ROC, please remember to clearly state which type of role you are hoping to do.


After applying, attendance at the ROC is by invitation only, based on the candidate’s strong potential to fill a field role

What to expect on the Medair ROC

At the ROC, you will experience the challenges of working in the humanitarian sector through practical, heart-pounding simulations. You will work on your own and in teams, and you will get to know all about Medair’s values, projects, and country programmes.

The ROC is an invaluable introduction to Medair for both new and experienced relief workers.

You will use the ROC to evaluate whether you think a humanitarian career with Medair is a good fit for you, and we will evaluate your suitability for a field career with us.

If you successfully complete the ROC, you may be asked to commit to a field programme immediately, or you may have to wait for several months while we match your expertise to the most appropriate field position.

The majority of participants successfully complete the ROC and begin a career with Medair.

Everyone who works for Medair in the field attends the ROC. No one ever forgets it.

"At the ROC, I knew for sure Medair was the organisation I wanted to work for.” -" Kees van Kimmel, Medair WASH Manager

Learning & Evaluation

At the ROC, you will learn about:

  • Our culture, values, and vision
  • Our country programmes
  • The professional and biblical principles of relief work and humanitarian aid
  • The challenges of working and living in a different culture with an international team in an insecure environment
  • Relief-related issues
  • Working with a variety of stakeholders in the humanitarian sector
  • The ethical, moral, and spiritual challenges that relief workers face


The ROC is an orientation course but it is also used to evaluate prospective staff. At the ROC, we evaluate participants in five core areas:

  1. Motivation
  2. Adaptability
  3. Technical skills
  4. Ability to work with a team
  5. Leadership and management

ROC Schedule

Day 1: Welcome Day


Review the course programme

Day 2: Understanding Medair

Introductions to the simulation

Medair: our history, mandate, work, values, and structure

Day 3: Understanding Humanitarian Aid

Introduction to the humanitarian context

Introduction to project management

Practical exercises: handling stress, cross-cultural context, team-building

Day 4: Understanding Others

Security and contact with authorities
Dealing with injustice, suffering, and death

Day 5: Encountering the Field

Simulation day – teams complete field survey
Experiences from the field

Day 6: Understanding Myself

Personality profiles and team dynamics
Presentation and evaluation of project proposals

Day 7: Understanding the Job

Personal interviews
Briefing on current Medair projects and job profiles

Day 8: Closure Day

Final meetings


The ROC schedule is subject to change without notice. 

HR Interview

At the end of the ROC, each participant will be interviewed by a member of the Medair Human Resources team (and sometimes with a technical staff member) to evaluate their experiences during the week and discuss their possible future with Medair.