Our worldwide network of current and former staff have many reasons to stay close to Medair...

Medair Alumni Groups

If you work for Medair, you will always share a common bond with your current / former colleagues and you’ll understand what working at Medair means: the amazing experiences, challenges, and team life and spirit you shared in Medair unites you.

Stay connected

As Medair Alumni, you are part of an international network of colleagues with whom you share an immediate connection. Wherever you go in the world, you will find Medair people.


Connect with current and former staff through our Alumni group on LinkedIn; the professional platform for sharing experiences and career development and ideas, as well as your sharing your favourite Medair jobs within your networks.


The newly created Medair Alumni Group on Facebook is a closed group, which gives you a chance to connect on a more personal basis to share photos and experiences and memories in a contained environment.

We also encourage you to add your voice to the conversation and engage with Medair’s Twitter pages.

Medair Alumni Weekend

Check out our upcoming Alumni Reunion Weekend in early September in Switzerland. We are celebrating our 30th anniversary year in 2019!

An amazing reunion of current and former staff and an opportunity to hear from the earliest staff members, to re-connect with many who you haven’t seen in years, or even decades; and to see where Medair hopes to go in the next 30 years!

Medair Alumni - regular communications keeping you updated!

As part of the Medair Family of staff and alumni, you will not want to miss out on our regular communications to you:

Make sure you are receiving our Monthly Medair Alumni news about alumni events, reunions, devotions and encouragement, family news as well as latest career opportunities, other special events, and reports about our work with the world’s most vulnerable around the globe.

You may also want to receive our Weekly Medair Job Alerts sent out on Thursdays each week with the latest long and short term job opportunities, in the field, in affiliate offices or in our Global Support Office (GSO in Lausanne).

If you are not currently receiving these email communications and you would like to, please contact Mark or Diana and we will make it happen!

Equally, if you have ideas for things you would like to see or hear about in our regular communications or you have an idea on how to improve what we are sending, please let us know.

Professional opportunities

When your contract ends with Medair, you become a select member of a unique Alumni group of like-minded people. Our worldwide network of former staff serves as a resource pool for future staff, and as a way of staying connected with Medair’s ongoing work to relieve suffering in the world.

You also become eligible to take part in short-term assignments and emergency response teams – opportunities that are only available to our former staff. You become excellent candidates for future long-term contracts with Medair as experienced relief workers, where you can either return to a familiar country programme or work in a brand new setting with all-new challenges.